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Cheron, Frisco, TX

Family Law

I think Ugy is a very hard worker. She knows the law and how others would think. She means business and her knowledge is at an all time high. Ugy did a phenomenal job with my case. Without U. A. C. Offoboche Law Firm, I would probably have lost my heart to the system. I would refer anyone to the law firm in a heart beat. Ugy fights for what she believes is right!


Practice Areas

Contract and Business Law

Criminal and Limited Family Law

Immigration and Administrative Law

Probate and Workers' Compensation

Employment Discrimination

Andrew, Dallas, TX

Family Law

Ugy, it's been a pleasure being your client. I will keep in touch and if I have anyone who needs legal assistance, I will recommend you.


Angelica, Mesquite, TX 

Family Law

This is the best lawyer I have been to in Dallas, Texas. She really knows her laws. I would recommend her to anyone. I hired her to represent a family member in a Family Law Matter.


Maame, Mesquite, TX

Immigration Law

I want to say a big thank you for all the things that you have done for me. I am in class now. I couldn't have done it without the help of your firm. At least I can say I am a College student fighting towards my goal. U. A. C. Offoboche Law Firm is always part of my long story. Thank you.


Charlotte, Dallas, TX

Workers' Compensation

Ugy Offoboche agreed to take my case when multiple attorneys rejected me and I had already lost. I was so discouraged until she resurrected my case. Her passion & heart to help me gave me hope of winning. I love the way she thinks out of the box. She always looks for different strategies to drive it home. She is not intimidated or afraid to challenge her opponents. I truly appreciate the relationship that she builds with her clients for she truly cares.

I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney who will get the job done.


Maria & Mario, Dallas, TX

Criminal Law

We appreciate and want to thank attorney Ugy because she is very good at what she does. She represented my son in his criminal matter and she did a very good job. I want to recommend her to everyone needing her services. She works all problem cases and she has helped me with my drivers license issues. She has reasonable payment plans and is very affordable. She is a compassionate and understanding person. Excellent customer service.

-Sincerely and very satisfied


Isaac, Dallas, TX


Before I visited  U. A. C. Offoboche Law Firm, I had thought my issue was the end of my world but when I came to Ugy with my problem which bordered on breach of contract and discrimination, she began work immediately. At the end of the first day, I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I could not believe my eyes when my problem was resolved in less than three weeks when I expected it to drag on for years.

Run to Ugy if you have a problem. She works with you to find out the best strategy to use for your situation, and she definitely has the answers.  I am very happy that I went to her office and I recommend that you do too."